Happy Friday.

This one is a short one, but one I would love you to take action on this weekend.

We concentrate a lot on our confidence and how to build it, but what about our horses confidence?

So before you ride, after you ride, instead of or even while you are riding, take some time to work on your horses confidence.

Set up some scary obstacles, tarpaulins, umbrellas, halloween or christmas decorations, balloons, wood to walk over, footballs, radios playing music, whistles, mirrors, flags, let your imagination run wild.

You do not need anything special, just get creative.

Then allow time, you cannot rush your horse with this. They need to be allowed to explore and be reassured to build true confidence.

Supporting our horses to build their confidence helps us to build our confidence.

When we believe our horses wont spook, worry or similar we ride with a different attitude, that attitude breeds even more confidence in our horses which in turn effects us more.

Making this part of your routine, just five minutes three times a week, makes such a difference.

I would love to see some pictures of what you and your horses get up to, please share on social media and tag us @redbearequestrian

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Hayley x

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Confident rider, confident horse.

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