Welcome to You Got This Equestrian is my new Equestrian Confidence Series.

This has been a long time in the planning stages.

No matter if you are a rider or you work with your horses on the ground confidence is a big issue.

For equestrians it can be scary to talk about confidence, self esteem and mental health, together with some amazing guests I am going to be breaking down barriers, breaking the stigma attached to saying I need some support.

I love riding, but that hasn’t always been the case.

I suffered a major trauma horse riding accident which impacted how I felt many years down the line, you can hear my story in episode one.

We need to learn to train and work on ourselves the same as we do with our horses.

Join me as every week I share blogs and videos, hint and tips.

Plus chat with some inspirational people about their stories and make my way through an equestrian journey.

#equestrianconfidence #riderconfidence #horseridingconfidence

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