It is that time of year again, (Finally, Maybe) the sun is appearing, the ground is drying up, the show season is starting and we need to increase training or maybe you are just ready to get out and have some fun, popping a few poles at home.

But there are so many options, what pole size for show jumps, what pole size for trotting poles, what size who jumps for ponies? 

Here is a quick guide to show jump poles, or range and my preferences, plus a sneak as to what’s coming soon!!

Most competition poles are 3.5m long and 100mm diameter, if you have a full size arena or large field this is great, however often with where we school our horses using poles this length can make the space feel enclosed. 

3m poles are your next option which are a standard classic length, however again depending on the space can still make it feel compact. These can be 80mm practice width or 100mm pro width.

2.3m poles are great for smaller spaces, ponies, training poles. This is my preference for at home as they are big enough for my horse but also perfect for my daughters pony. Plus they don’t feel like they take over my arena so I can set up a full course.  They are also a great length for handling. Again these can be 80mm practice width or 100mm pro width.

1.5m-2m skinny poles or trotting poles. Great for ponies or practising skinny jumps at home, also ideal for trotting poles or bending exercises. I use 2m poles for grid work. These are more common at 80mm practice width but do come in 100 mm pro width.

Our range of poles are from 2m -3m length and come in both 80mm and 100mm widths. Currently poles are collected only on the website but we can arrange delivery, you just need to drop us an email with your postcode prior to ordering and we can quote you for postage. 

The 2m and 2.3m are my preference when using the cavaletti pole raisers and practise jumps as well. If you haven’t seen these you need to head to our range now and check them out.

All of our jumps come in 6 colours as standard but you can request alternatives.

Poles are a great option when it comes to training for adding variety into each session, there are an endless number of exercises and ways to challenge your horse without the need for anything complex or any expensive equipment. Using  poles to create bending lines and tight turns within your course or to practise straightness and having the correct approach. This not only tests your horse’s agility and responsiveness but also improves your own skills as a rider in navigating different patterns and angles.

You can use these sessions to also introduce your horse to spooky objects. You can use show jump poles to gradually introduce them to spooky or unfamiliar items. Simply lay poles on the ground around the object, gradually raising them as your horse gains confidence.

The results lie in not only consistent practice, patience, and a willingness to try new things BUT most importantly having fun and keeping it engaging.

We will often school in new spaces to keep the horses attention or add in new challenges, things they haven’t done in a  while, take it back to basics. Too often we over complicate training and it doesn’t need to be.

So grab those poles, get creative, and have fun exploring the endless possibilities they offer!

Shop our show jump range now.

Plus if you have something a little smaller than your standard horse or pony, you will want to keep an eye out for our upcoming launch.