I thought I would give you another quick update about where we are as I have had so many amazing messages from people who have heard about our ranges, who are excited to see them and who have had a glimpse into what is launching.  I have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown, especially at the moment when everyone is finding things so tough.

I am so excited and everyday brings new excitement, plus a comment from one of my kids about something they want to add a message from my sister about something she or my nieces think we should add to the range. It seems to be growing and growing and more ideas are developing for over the next year or two.

The last week and a bit has been a mix of ups and downs.

We have the final designs (whoop whoop) and we have accidently designed some additional items including some boys pieces ( whoop whoop), I have some new members of the team (yay), I have a group of amazing ladies who are going to be part of a focus group on the items we have designed for the future and also those we will be bring to you soon (yay) and everything is set for launch (so so excited).

However….. With every up there is a down and the downs this week were the manufacturer of the clothing informing us there is now an additional 10 day delay on items due to staffing and demand at the moment, meaning we are still working hard for our launch to be on the day we have planned, which will be announced very soon, but it may have to be put back by a week (boo), the jewellery items I am awaiting on pieces to complete have been lost by the courier, so they are having to be resent (boo) the factory creating our fabric for the homeware have closed (boo) but we have a spoken with a couple of other businesses who we are hoping will be collaborating with us and can get our homeware produced by launch day.

So this weekend we have planned in lots to celebrate our achievements and unwind, Friday consisted of a online quiz night for my mums birthday, today apart from a hour or twos work I have been out running with one of my sons (the other hid so he didn’t have to come), I am going riding with my daughter and doing some photography later with my eldest, then fingers crossed the sun stays a bbq. Followed by a lazy Sunday.

What are you up to?