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Let’s Talk Distraction – You Got This Equestrian

Sometimes taking your mind off the ‘what if’s’ when it comes to riding is what you really need.

We often overthink, and get inside our own head when it comes to our riding or working our horses in general.

This doesn’t just apply to adults, children have the same issues, we just don’t always see them in the same way, as if it was an adult speaking.

So I want to share three easy activities you can set up today for you or your children, to refocus the mind onto something else.

Often when we shift our focus and stop thinking of the ‘what if’s’ we realise how amazing this experience really is.

  1. Grab a bean bag – Can you sit on it in walk, trot, ect and on both reins, maybe even over poles? Can you keep it between your lower leg and your horse? How about over a small jump?
  2. Small obstacle course – grab some poles, cones, post maybe even a flag, bucket and some balls and set up some activities. Can you move them closer together without loosing your accuracy? or can you beat your last time?
  3. Do this, do that – If there is someone on the ground while you are riding get them to shout out some ‘special words’ each word has a meaning. Eg black means trot, tree means canter, bear means over a pole. How quick can you go? This is so much fun and always distracts and causes giggles. If you are alone, choose a song you don’t know and each time you hear a certain word link that back to changing what you are doing in the same way.

Its all about the distraction.

When you refocus your mind your riding changes.

I would love to know what other games and activities you try to switch your focus.

You Got This.

Hayley x

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Winnie By Wheels talks with Hayley on You Got This Equestrian

Welcome to You Got This Equestrian Confidence Series by Hayley at Red Bear Equestrian.

This week we welcome Winnie By Wheels

Join us while we talk equestrian and rider confidence, set backs and moving forwards, Winnie is an inspiration to all horse riders.

Horse rider confidence and equestrian confidence needs to be spoken about more, I am excited to bring you, You Got This Equestrian where we discuss real topics and give real tips that work for real riders.

Join me every week for more inspirational stories, hints and tips to support your equestrian confidence journey.

Confident rider, confident horse.

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Do clothing sizes drive you mad? or Are you a Mum of Boys? I need you.

Hangers in the background. With text do ladies clothing sizes drive you mad? or Are you a mum of boys? I need you

Do clothing sizes drive you mad?

I ask this because every brand and shop seem to be slightly different and it drives me mad, especially when shopping online. You either end up having to order in a range of sizes and then send back some of the sizes or you order what you hope will be the best fit, sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

This is why I wanted our clothing to be different, I wanted to support you through the sizing of each item.

So on each listing I give you an overview of the sizing, to help you make an informed decision and get the right size. No more sending back, yay!

Red Bear Clothing is also there to be developed by you, so you ask we deliver.

You asked for a black base layer in addition to the grey and navy, we added that for you this week.

You have asked for riding leggings, we are working to find some we love, with great quality and at an affordable price.

You have advised on one of our new items and a new colour for an existing item, they are on their way.

You have messaged about larger sizing in some of our items and they are being added weekly.

I am so excited to grow our clothing range with you.

Next for us is expanding our children’s line. We have items aimed at girls and also several unisex item, but as a Mum of two boys I know how hard it can be to find nice equestrian everyday clothing for them, so I ask you, if you are a Mum of boys and know the struggle I have just mentioned please drop me an email, instagram or facebook message and tell me what you would love to see, either what items or what designs.

Plus as always if there is anything you would love to feature in our ladies range, homeware or jewellery please get in touch, Red Bear Equestrian is a brand built for you.

Thank you for all your support so far, I am so excited for the rest of 2020.

Hayley x

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Ups, Downs, Closures and Celebrations

 I thought I would give you another quick update about where we are as I have had so many amazing messages from people who have heard about our ranges, who are excited to see them and who have had a glimpse into what is launching.  I have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown, especially at the moment when everyone is finding things so tough.

I am so excited and everyday brings new excitement, plus a comment from one of my kids about something they want to add a message from my sister about something she or my nieces think we should add to the range. It seems to be growing and growing and more ideas are developing for over the next year or two.

The last week and a bit has been a mix of ups and downs.

We have the final designs (whoop whoop) and we have accidently designed some additional items including some boys pieces ( whoop whoop), I have some new members of the team (yay), I have a group of amazing ladies who are going to be part of a focus group on the items we have designed for the future and also those we will be bring to you soon (yay) and everything is set for launch (so so excited).

However….. With every up there is a down and the downs this week were the manufacturer of the clothing informing us there is now an additional 10 day delay on items due to staffing and demand at the moment, meaning we are still working hard for our launch to be on the day we have planned, which will be announced very soon, but it may have to be put back by a week (boo), the jewellery items I am awaiting on pieces to complete have been lost by the courier, so they are having to be resent (boo) the factory creating our fabric for the homeware have closed (boo) but we have a spoken with a couple of other businesses who we are hoping will be collaborating with us and can get our homeware produced by launch day.

So this weekend we have planned in lots to celebrate our achievements and unwind, Friday consisted of a online quiz night for my mums birthday, today apart from a hour or twos work I have been out running with one of my sons (the other hid so he didn’t have to come), I am going riding with my daughter and doing some photography later with my eldest, then fingers crossed the sun stays a bbq. Followed by a lazy Sunday.

What are you up to?

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Want to know what we are going to be bringing to you?

It has been really important to me that everything we sell is something we believe in. I have a busy lifestyle, three active kids, lots of pets including dogs and horses, businesses to run and I love being on the go myself so everything needed to stand up to family life, and do so while looking amazing. As why should we have to settle for any less?

Red Bear was created from my love (OK obsession) with everything equine and country. It is something I have wanted to create for so long and now I have the opportunity and am bringing my family along for the ride.

All of our clothing has taken longer than expected to come to life as I have sourced several potential suppliers to create my designs and then had to await samples, followed by making sure they stand up to our tests before altering little bits and trying again, this is so important as I only sell what I believe in and we are putting the Red Bear label to all of our exclusive clothing ranges. We have t-shirts (these look so good on), sweatshirts (super comfy to ride in as well as daily wear) and caps all of these are for ladies and children and are almost ready (sorry men we will do a range for you in the future). Plus once lock down is over we can restart talks with the company who is providing the most amazing leggings these are comfy, hardwearing and so flattering, perfect for riding, the gym, or even just the school run. Plus another two super exciting ranges that I cannot reveal yet.

Between us we hand design everything and then outsource to be handmade or hand finished just for you.

We have homeware currently being developed which we have hand drawn and created the patterns for the fabrics. We are currently finding the perfect fabric to print this onto, then we have a team at the ready to create cushion covers, lampshades, bunting, memo boards and more all exclusive to us and again all by hand.

Then there are the bags (perfect for shopping, school runs or throwing your horse gear in for the yard), and our hand drawn art and photography collection, there is also so much more on top of all of this but I am sworn to secrecy and so much love that has gone into every part.

Finally is the jewellery range. I am and always have been passionate about jewellery, my first company was a jewellery designer and retailer, which I since sold and have secretly missed. I love all things sparkly, and to be able to create this along with my other love of horses has been a dream, I have designed two pieces initially and am awaiting all of the goodies to create these, with many more items soon to join the range.

Everything is taking so much longer at the moment due to suppliers and wholesalers all suffering due to the current situation but I promise we will be with you soon and certainly worth the wait.

In the meantime I am loving working from the garden, getting the kids input, having board meetings over bbq’s and gin and seeing everything in the background come together.

I have also just bought myself a sparkly new camera meaning as soon as we are able to share the products with you there will be no waiting for the official shoot, we will be sharing with you that day!! As long as I have learned to use it by then!

Remember my instagram stories are showing you daily our journey and will continue to do so, so please give us a follow and learn more about us.