Handmade set of 2 crystal charm bracelets


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These bracelets have been created with the equestrian in mind. Although they are also beneficial to pet and non pet owners along with looking beautiful.

I have selected and created these especially for you.

Just wearing these bracelets not only impacts on you but those directly around you (your horses and pets).

All beads are 4mm beads, the bracelets are elasticated to adjust in size. The beads selected within this creation are:

Amethyst – This is a natural calmer, it relieves stress and irritability. It can help disperse fear and anxiety as well as balance low moods or negativity.

Rose Quartz – Restores trust and harmony within relationships. It brings love to others and self love. Restoring balance.

Finished with a  star pendant (7mm) and horse shoe (9mm).


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