One thing that has struck me through recording all of the You Got This Equestrian series so far, is how one technique appears to be used time and time again.

Affirmations. I Can Statements. Positive Statements. Capability Statements.

Whatever you want to call them, their power the power is obvious.

These statements work because our brain, our subconscious, believes what we tell it.

So when we are saying that we believe, that we are emotionally connected to our words, our subconscious has no choice but believe it.

They also work because when we speak out loud not only do we gain a deeper connection, as we are hearing the words in our own voice, but our breathing naturally regulates which takes us from panic and anxiety into a calmer more controlled state.

Couple all of this together and you can see why they work.

So what could you say?

  • -I am calm and in control.
    -I can do this.
    -I am having the most amazing the most amazing ride.
    -My horse is relaxing.
    -This is going to be awesome.
    -With every rider we get better.

However you can sometimes find that when you’re using these statements your brain automatically jumps in and undermines you.

This is our own self sabotaging at work, I will talk more about this at another time.

If you find this happening, one useful thing to try is to just use the main powerful statement.

For example: amazing, relaxing awesome, power, release, strength……

Using these words over and over again changes you’re mindset as its not a peesonalised statement its a power word.

Once you start to change the way you view your ride, you start to improve your belief within your own abilities.

You can do amazing things.

Sometimes all we need is self belief to to realise what we’re capable of.

I would love to hear some of the techniques you use, drop me a message on our Instagram or send me an email.

Hayley x