Red Bear Equestrian is a family run business and so let me introduce you to the team.

The business has been grown from a passion for all things equestrian and country, o.k so my husbands love of equine is not as big as mine and the children’s, but he is getting there.

I am Hayley I have ridden for about 30 years on and off, I have been having a great time developing our new range of products, my husband is the artistic one behind the scenes. Then there are the kids, Liam, Harry and Lily-May who love the ponies as much as I do. Lily-May recently got a new pony so she will be featuring in photos I am sure. They have had a great time, getting creative with product design, images and social media.

Also part of the team are our ever growing collection of pets, currently these include a lizard, chickens, cat, parrot, three dogs, fish and three ponies. Although the bird and pony collection is soon to be expanding (fingers crossed).

I cannot wait to share more with you as we go through this journey.