We are now into almost week 5 of lock down here, and we can officially say we have a routine (yay) and as much as there have been frustrations, mainly work related due to the speed things are going, overall the experience has been so much better than I feared at the start.

However there are still some aspects that we have found a challenge. We are an active busy family so being stuck in four walls is never good, but it has been a great challenge to try new things.

So my eldest has been taking a daily walk with his camera and capturing some amazing images of the natural world around us that I will be sharing with you all, when he finally remembers to send them to me! 

My other son has been taking part in online football challenges, he plays at a youth academy and they have been amazing in setting up online challenges for them, which they complete, film  and upload. 

Finally my daughter has discovered online hand showing, this is not something we had ever considered, we have done ridden online dressage classes before lockdown with Demi Dressage Online we have now extended this and written our own, including lunging and long reining and a bit of Mum and daughter competition.

Getting outdoors has helped with the kids school work too as they are more engaged and more focused, plus the incentive of being able to get outdoors afterwards also helped.

I am secretly going to miss aspects of this lockdown when we are all released. The extra walks, more games nights, additional movie nights, online quizzes with friends, creating new flexible ways to work, seeing the kids learning develop. 

There are so many positives without mentioning all of the amazing things that less pollution is doing for the environment, anyone who saw the meteors will agree there is much less pollution as they were so clear in the sky! I stood in total wonder watching them for ages last night.

I for one will be taking away the need to slow down and enjoy the simple things as a family as also with our hobbies and the way we live. 

What is the one thing you will be taking away from this experience?