Sometimes taking your mind off the ‘what if’s’ when it comes to riding is what you really need.

We often overthink, and get inside our own head when it comes to our riding or working our horses in general.

This doesn’t just apply to adults, children have the same issues, we just don’t always see them in the same way, as if it was an adult speaking.

So I want to share three easy activities you can set up today for you or your children, to refocus the mind onto something else.

Often when we shift our focus and stop thinking of the ‘what if’s’ we realise how amazing this experience really is.

  1. Grab a bean bag – Can you sit on it in walk, trot, ect and on both reins, maybe even over poles? Can you keep it between your lower leg and your horse? How about over a small jump?
  2. Small obstacle course – grab some poles, cones, post maybe even a flag, bucket and some balls and set up some activities. Can you move them closer together without loosing your accuracy? or can you beat your last time?
  3. Do this, do that – If there is someone on the ground while you are riding get them to shout out some ‘special words’ each word has a meaning. Eg black means trot, tree means canter, bear means over a pole. How quick can you go? This is so much fun and always distracts and causes giggles. If you are alone, choose a song you don’t know and each time you hear a certain word link that back to changing what you are doing in the same way.

Its all about the distraction.

When you refocus your mind your riding changes.

I would love to know what other games and activities you try to switch your focus.

You Got This.

Hayley x

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