This weekend has been amazing.

Friday was a late one, ironing out any glitches, making sure everything was ready, and it was worth it because apart from two small glitches everything went amazingly.

The family were all so excited, the boys were helping behind the scenes, making sure items were ready for videos, etc. My daughter found a way to invade most of the videos and pictures throughout the day, especially across our instagram stories.

Saturday was unreal, the response was better than we could ever have wished for. We had so many messages wishing us luck, telling us people had ordered, we had shares across so many other accounts. It was honestly amazing. Plus we even managed to get out for a walk in the sun together and meet for a quick drink (socially distantly) with friends to celebrate. It was the best day.

Sunday we were far more prepared for what to expect however it was still above and beyond what we could ever have wished for. Again we had so many likes, comments, messages, shares and orders.

Speaking to fabulous people who had ordered, being able to support their purchases, hear what they loved, hear what they are coming back to buy next pay day has honestly been the most memorable experience.

Red Bear Equestrian is a labour of love, we have had a hand in creating every product, 98% of the items are totally exclusive to us. It has become so much more than a business, it is another part of our family that we all have a part it and cannot wait to see it grow.

So THANK YOU for your part ion helping our dreams become reality and please keep sharing, liking, messaging and of course purchasing as we want to bring you all the other products we have planned and share with you so much more.

Thank you x