Welcome back to You Got This Equestrian – The Equestrian Confidence Series.

This week I am writing to you as tech and video was conspiring against me, but I will be back on video next week.

It has been so warm in the UK recently and our horses are not used to it, in fact as riders we are not used to it, so I wanted to share three top tips that I have been using to keep my horses cool in this heat.

There is the obvious keeping them in the shade exercising early before it gets hot or in the evening (mine hate this, they want a mid morning or after lunch ride out) however there is other things you can be doing to keep them cool in the heat.

  1. Keep them hydrated – easier said than done. Mine always seem to drink more in winter than summer. I will add electrolytes to their water to ensure they are not getting dehydrated and also will add a splash of fruit juice every now and again to encourage them to drink (just a small amount and only occasionally) One of mine also loves drinking from the hosepipe so I will offer that every now and again as even if he isnt thirsty that will always make him drink. Or my daughters favourite way to get them to drink is by getting them to bob for apples and carrots (I did a previous blog on this) but we simply drop them into the water in front of them and they naturally drink while grabbing them. However always supervise them when they are bobbing.
  2. Get the garden sprinkler. i discovered by accident that if I set the sprinkler just outside the field so they cant get to it, they love standing in it. It myst be calming and refreshing. They also love rolling in the wet cold mud (although thats not a plus point for me) This keeps them cool and is something they can have for a longer period of time to cool thm down. Although I usually find the kids and dogs in it too.
  3. Ice lollies. My horses love these. Water, a splash of fruit juice and some cut up fruit in a container. Put in the freezwer and once frozen remove from the container and give to your horse (always making sure you supervise them) this only cools them for a short period however mine always seem more refreshed especially in the heat in the middle of the day.Plus it is additional enrichment and play for them.

Summer is so much fun with horses but we need to be mindful of how hot they get in the sun.

What are your top tips for keeping your horses cool? head to our instagram page and drop me a message, I cannot wait to hear from you.

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Hayley x