In case you didn’t catch my video I wanted to share something with you.

Seven years ago I suffered I major trauma accident while trialing a horse, I shattered my pelvis (think of a polo mint which has been hit by a hammer), I caused damage to the tops of my legs and also my back.

My outcome was bleak and I was facing the worst case, however thanks to an amazing team and lots of hard work on my part, after nearly two years I was back riding and in less than three years I ran the Leeds 10k (every last step) . The Leeds 10K was to raise funds for Day One Trauma Charity.

Day One was set up by my surgeon during my recovery and it gave me a focus, which was much needed. I have been a spokesperson, committee member and peer supporter ever since.

It is so important to support the amazing work that Day One Trauma are doing as they provide the things which keep you going and keep you informed during your recovery, and not just for the patient but their family too.

Within the clothing, homeware and jewellery there will be the UNBREAKABLE range. This range will feature the word unbreakable either on the item or in the title.

The UNBREAKABLE range will donate at least 10% from each sale back to Day One Trauma.

I am so excited to share this with you.

You can catch the full video here and find out more about Day One Trauma here.