Introducing our eagerly awaited new jump range!

After an extensive search for the perfect jumps for our own arena, despite scouring the market, we couldn’t find jumps that met our standards, looked good and stood up to everyday life with ponies, kids and winter. Faced with this challenge, we made the bold decision to take matters into our own hands and create our own line of jumps.

Months of design and creation work from our talented team have culminated in a collection of jumps that is beyond all our expectations. Each jump is a is designed and crafted in-house by our team, which means every order is unique.

Plus we have worked to ensure they are as easy to handle as possible for younger riders, and that they maintain sustainability with all of the wood being sustainably sourced and as carbon neutral as possible.

I have two personal favourites. Firstly our Pole Raise Training Jumps, which allow you to adjust the height to three different levels: 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm, providing flexibility for various training exercises and secondly the cross cavaletti raiser which can also be changed into a raised trotting pole, catering to different training needs and preferences.

Pole work is an essential component of horse training, with benefits for both horse and rider. Incorporating poles into training routines helps improve balance, coordination, and proprioception in horses. It encourages them to engage their core muscles and develop a more collected and balanced way of moving.

Furthermore, pole work can be used to address specific training objectives, such as lengthening and shortening strides, improving rhythm, and enhancing lateral and longitudinal suppleness.

With the warmer weather on the way (we hope!), there’s no better time to plan for the season ahead by placing your orders now.

In addition to our standard jumps which come in six different colourways, we’re pleased to provide a bespoke service, allowing you to customise your jumps to your exact specifications. Simply drop us a message with your requirements, and we’ll provide you with a personalised quote.