Do clothing sizes drive you mad?

I ask this because every brand and shop seem to be slightly different and it drives me mad, especially when shopping online. You either end up having to order in a range of sizes and then send back some of the sizes or you order what you hope will be the best fit, sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

This is why I wanted our clothing to be different, I wanted to support you through the sizing of each item.

So on each listing I give you an overview of the sizing, to help you make an informed decision and get the right size. No more sending back, yay!

Red Bear Clothing is also there to be developed by you, so you ask we deliver.

You asked for a black base layer in addition to the grey and navy, we added that for you this week.

You have asked for riding leggings, we are working to find some we love, with great quality and at an affordable price.

You have advised on one of our new items and a new colour for an existing item, they are on their way.

You have messaged about larger sizing in some of our items and they are being added weekly.

I am so excited to grow our clothing range with you.

Next for us is expanding our children’s line. We have items aimed at girls and also several unisex item, but as a Mum of two boys I know how hard it can be to find nice equestrian everyday clothing for them, so I ask you, if you are a Mum of boys and know the struggle I have just mentioned please drop me an email, instagram or facebook message and tell me what you would love to see, either what items or what designs.

Plus as always if there is anything you would love to feature in our ladies range, homeware or jewellery please get in touch, Red Bear Equestrian is a brand built for you.

Thank you for all your support so far, I am so excited for the rest of 2020.

Hayley x